Sarah (auroragoddess1) wrote in jessrory,

Literati picspam - their first meeting

I'm a HUGE Literati fan. Thought I'd make two picspam graphic of their first meeting. :)

I want to say that in 2007 (at least) I had started seeing re-runs of Gilmore Girls on ABC Family when I was home in between classes at college. I caught the show off and on during that time, most of the storylines didn't connect for me--and obviously it took a few years for it to finally "stick" to where I actually got the series on DVD in 2010. LOL.

But one thing that I do remember from that time, and it became apparent while I was watching the series on DVD recently, is that I was a Rory/Jess shipper from the very moment he came onto the screen. The scene at the end of this episode was one of those that I saw, I believe it was the first scene I saw between them, and it really hooked me to this pairing even if I rarely saw much of their episodes while I was watching it off and on. It really made me love them together SO much, and made me love Jess even more.

So this scene has very fond memories for me. It made me a fan, even if it took a while for me to finally act on it.

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