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[Video] We were wrong, but we could be right

My last Literati video =D
I wanted to do a video about my lovely RJ so bad, but I never found the right inspiration... This morning I heard this song and, boom, here we are! I did it! This song just screamed Rory and Jess, because no matter how many times they lost each other, they always found a way to find each other again... And maybe they were wrong, but at the same time, they were so incredibly right *_*
I think that I really never going to love anyone like these two...
Leave a comment if you want :)

Staring at tears on the pages
Of letters that I never could've write
Now I know love isn't painless, but its
worth the risk, it's worth the fight
Playing it over and over
I wish that I could turn back time, baby
We were wrong, but we could be right

Why do we say things we can't take back
Why do we miss what we never had
Both of us fell to the ground
The love was so lost, it couldn't be found
Why do you tend to forget whose vain
I'm tired of crying out at the sound of your name
Why don't we turn this around, love ain't the enemy
Don't you want to be lost then found
Lost then found, lost then found

No words can come without
Can't stop the rain, I wish you could take it back
But it's too late, it's too late

We could be lost then found...
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