tightfisted little cheapling (cadesama) wrote in jessrory,
tightfisted little cheapling

Fic: I'll Be Bonnie, You Be Clyde

Title: I’ll Be Bonnie, You Be Clyde
Rating: PG (with options for higher ratings later on)
Pairings/Characters: Rory, Jess, Rory/Logan (implied), Rory/Jess
Warnings: WIP
Word count: 6928 (30K overall, and counting)
Disclaimer: Gilmore Girls belongs to the Palladinos, WB/CW, and Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions.
Summary: What if Gilmore Girls had 100% more bank robbery in it? S5 finale AU

A/N: Thank you to finnigan_geist for encouraging (and beta’ing) my completely stupid ideas.

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Tags: fanfic
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