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Song Drabbles!

Ciao - I've seen this done on other comms and I wanted to give it a go:

You put your iTunes on shuffle and you write drabbles to the first ten songs that come up. The catch is you only have the time limits of the songs to write them out.

I apologize in advance for some of the songs that popped up >_<

1. "Who Do You Think You Are" – Spice Girls (great start, iTunes - although I do love them!)
I said who do you think you are?
(who do you think you are)
Some kind of superstar,
You have got to swing it, shake it, move it, make it,
who do you think you are?

Who does this guy think he is?, she can’t help but wonder as she watches him pull pranks to disrupt the town peace and turn Luke’s face an interesting shade of fuchsia and read books she’s never heard of on bridges.

He’s so different from this town and it’s obvious; he shines, she thinks, but everyone else thinks he’s like a black hole, destroying everything good. Does that include her?

When she notices her mother frowning as Jess wraps an arm around her waist, she knows that’s exactly what it is. But Rory knows him better than that.

2. "Broken Man" – Boys Like Girls
I took one big step and I looked away
And then I thought of all the things that I wanted to say
I'm always too late
You never got your story straight
I'm always up late
I think I'm everything you hate

He shouldn’t feel so fucking guilty about this – it’s not like it’s entirely his fault. She’s made mistakes too.

They’re going to play that same game they did when she returned from Washington. From thousands of miles away, they’re going to try to see who can pretend that they can be without the other. Last time, she lost, but it was pretty damn close call. This time, he knows without a doubt it’s going to be him. But that doesn’t stop him from trying.

He avoids reflective surfaces because he doesn’t want to see that look in his eye; something clearly broke and it’s so obvious.

His heart pounds uncomfortably in his chest as he picks up the pay phone. This is it.

3. "Rescue" – Artist vs. Poet
I've been trying my best to figure it out
I'm done pretending that I'm doing okay
I sold my soul to the idea that we
Would be better off this way

He’s done fighting this; he knows what he wants and he wants her. But he has no idea how to convey his desires and fears and everything else in between to her. His mind runs too fast and his voice box is faulty. He wonders if he was born this way or if it’s just because he never had to really use it before; he never needed to fight for anything until now.

The fight for survival is silent, but this is different because she’s different – there isn’t anyone else and there never will be.

So he strides across the Yale campus, feeling extremely out of place because he knows where his is.

This is what people call foreshadowing.

4. "The Adventure" – Angels & Airwaves
...even if your hope has burned with time,
anything that's dead shall be re-grown,
and your vicious pain, your warning sign,
you will be fine.
Hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.

Luke keeps shooting Jess warning glares during the wedding. It’s kind of irritating. Jess knows why – it’s obviously his spending time with the maid of honor.

Jess wonders if it’s because he’s worried about Rory, or worried about him. Probably both.

He also wonders if maybe they shouldn’t be silent supports for each other, even when it’s not quite necessary. But then again, who could let her keep that expression she wore on her face when her dad was dancing with Gigi, not giving Rory a second glance?

He’s pretty sure he saw Lorelai shoot him an appreciative smile when he subtlety orchestrated a switch of partners from April to Rory so she could dance with Luke (who, let’s face it, has been more of a father to her anyway).

This is strange – it’s feels so new, being with her. This fresh start. He rather likes it.

It’s beginning again.

5. "Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek (Acoustic)" – Chiodos
This is probably the best,
not to mention the worst idea,
that I have ever had.

Jess thinks is probably for the best – a quick, clean cut. No talking, yelling, fighting, cold glares from across the town center. Nothing. Why further kill something that’s already dead?

But if that’s really what it’s supposed to be, why does it still feel like he’s killing something that’s still fully alive? Not even that – it’s a slow torture; it’s more painful than he could’ve imagined.

He thinks about getting off at the next stop, catching up with Rory at Chilton. But stop after stop goes by and it’s like something in him is being crushed. Suddenly he’s in California and there’s just no going back.

His breathing is shallow that first night and he vaguely realizes that this is a panic attack, but he doesn’t know what’s causing it. Maybe it’s everything. Maybe he’s just scared a dog is going to bite his face off in the middle of the night.

6. Knockout – Lil Wayne feat. Nicki Minaj (I said I was sorry!)
Baby 1, 2, 3
Tell'em get the referee
Cause he can
Get the knockout

Rory doesn’t know how he does it. He’s adding salt to the saltshakers and she’s blushing like crazy – those forearms are hypnotizing. His somehow-knowing gaze and smirk are puppeteers – they manipulate her into feeling and doing things she didn’t think of ever doing.

Or wanting.

Because she wants him. A lot. It gets worse but so much sweeter everyday. It’s pretty much established that he’ll be it. She thinks it’ll be really awkward, hot, but surprisingly sweet. Maybe she’ll talk too much out of nerves and he’ll be sort of delicate because sometimes he’s fooled by her doe-eyes, but it’ll be perfect in its own way (kind of like them).

7. "Rooftops and Invitations" – Dashboard Confessional (this is sort of a sequel to this oneshot)
When every move
And each impulse
Brings clarity
To stay like this
Is everything
You’ll ever need

He has to walk around town many times to clear the lust-haze from his brain, but it’s rather difficult when he keeps pulling up the image of Rory at that one perfect moment. It’s cheesy as fuck, but he’s definitely changed by that.

And he knew exactly what she was going to say before her mother entered the house. He wonders what he would’ve said back.

(He knows, but he doesn’t want to admit it).

Two weeks later, Luke is collecting an early morning delivery and Rory somehow manages to sneak in (he wonders how the hell she found out about that?) and finishes what she tried to start that night. He kisses her hard, hoping that can convey what he feels that way.

8. "Graduation" – Vitamin C

I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track

She’s clenching her hands together so tightly that she wonders if she’ll have crescent moon indents in the palms of her hands for the rest of her life. Mementos of pre-graduation jitters.

She knows she’s not going to trip because her life isn’t a coming-of-age book or film. It’ll go by smoothly and she’ll feel sad and hopeful that it’s all over.

Of course, this would be the case if she weren’t thinking so fucking much about Jess Mariano.

Graduating today will mean the end of childhood, in a way. Jess had to be part of that, right? As Lorelai always hinted – it was time for a Jess. That time has come and gone. At least, that’s what she tried to convince herself.

She misses him and she wishes he were here. If only so someone in this audience can appreciate all the literature references she crammed into her Valedictorian speech. If she closes her eyes, she can imagine his smirk, his eyes flashing in that way that she thought was maybe love.

He never even gave her a fucking bracelet to represent their relationship; he wasn’t one for gifts like that.

She wonders if he did this just so it would be impossible to fully remove him from her life.

She plasters a smile onto her face and gets ready for the crowd. It doesn’t feel like moving on at all.

9. "Empty Apartments" – Yellowcard
Waking up from this nightmare
How's your life?
What's it like there?
Is it all what you want it to be?
Does it hurt when you think about me?
And how broken my heart is

She hates going into the diner without him there; it doesn’t feel right anymore. Luke feels the same way too because it suddenly seems too hard to cover all these tables by himself.

They sometimes sit (stand, in his case) across from each other and sip on coffee and tea respectively, not saying a word because it’s almost like they’re trying to re-create a moment with him; that’s usually how it is, anyway. Silent.

She hopes Jess does something in memoriam of her; acknowledge that they actually had something worth remembering.

She hates what Jess’ leaving has done to Luke and Luke hates that Jess ran off with some of Rory’s old spark, but they know they’ll never acknowledge the damage he’s done.

10. "Photograph" – Nickelback
(great one to end with...)
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it

Rory has dozens of pictures of herself with Dean. She has hundreds with Logan.

It’s only because Dean loved immortalizing moments and Logan just liked showcasing.

She only has one with Jess.

She doesn’t even know who took it, to be honest. But she has a sneaky feeling it was Luke, who would definitely deny it because it’s too sentimental. The shot is a distant one – they’re sitting on a bench in the town square, reading. She’s resting her head on his lap and he’s holding the book open with one hand, his other tracing circles on her hip.

She hides it at the bottom of her closet because it’s the most honest photo she has.

I'd love to know what you think!

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When I saw your post I thought you'd have Hey Soul Sister in there, too, I like this song :) .

Anyways I really liked what you did with those 10 songs (I don't know most of them!). But don't worry about iTunes incriminating you we all have guilty pleasures LOL

I specially loved the last one, I bet they really didn't take many pics.