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hey everyone :-} it's Lucia Marin [22 Oct 2005|07:54pm]
Title: A Stranger in Autumn
Author Lucia Marin
Rating T, or pg-13
Pairing Literati
Genre romance/angst
Chapters Two so far
Summary: Rory. Jess. Logan. Funny, she thinks, staring absently at the yellow leaves on the pale blue swimming pool. You wouldn't think, out of the three of us, I’d be the most unfaithful one. This fall, Rory's precious world is going up in flames. Literati.
It's my newest and probably last fic: fans of all three characters should try it :-}
It's just what needed to happen. Besides, can Logan and Jess possibly be more perfect enemies? Do enemies emit sparks? Does the girl standing between them end up taking the punches? Should Tristan have a cameo? How ridiculously dirty, delicious and poetic can the whole thing get?
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