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im new! [03 Oct 2005|12:24am]
but damn this place is quiet. so, everybory, care to post your favorite screencaps of the two of them together?

i am using this to get caps to work on my new lj header because ive been on a jess/rory obsession mode for a couple days now haha. but its always nice to see everyone's fave caps.

and also, you guys know any site where i could find good quality caps?

ps. can someone post at least the caps from the scene where they just got together and theyre up in luke's apartment? the ones in the current header of this community i think. i'll love you forever if you post those 3 exact ones (+ the one where you can actually see their fingers when they put their hands together if you know what i mean, i suck at explaining) :D
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